Vallies Bus Service

Vallies Bus Service has proudly been serving the community for over 20 years and has established itself as a prominent intercity bus service provider in South Africa. With a strong focus on safety, reliability and affordability, our family owned business strives to make your journey as smooth, comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Vallies Bus Service was founded in 1988 and built upon a dream that Vallie Ismail had to establish a leading intercity bus service that played a role in assisting all sectors of the community. He worked hard to grow the company and his efforts soon paid off. It was not long before the business began to flourish and was leading the way at the forefront of the industry.

Over the years Vallies Bus Service has enjoyed steady growth and, although we have opted to keep it a family owned business, we have expanded tremendously. Today we reach most areas across the country and function seven days a week.